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About Ayo Furniture

Ayo is a wood furniture supplier based in Washington with factories located in Vietnam. Our customers include DIY retailers and distributors.

As we have an end-to-end furniture production pipeline, from wood logs shipped from Asia or South America to beautiful furniture distributed across many countries, we can offer business partners great prices for good-quality products.
Your margin is my opportunity.
-Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon)
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What does the name Ayo mean to you?

Many people told us that they like the name. It sounds good. Some of them asked: but what does it mean?

Well, if it sounds good, it generally means good Smile. In Yoruba language (spoken by West Africans, including Nigerians), Ayọ means "Joy" or "Happiness". That's our original and official idea for the name.

Curious how Ayo is pronounced? Click below.
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Montpellier Deep Sofa Set

The Montpellier set is ideal for any kind of setting to help make a meeting with friends or partners a successful one. The simple, yet elegant design of the Montpellier is something that will amaze your visitors.

This garden set comes with a seating arrangement meant for four people, with optimal cushion to heighten the overall effect. The innovative semicircular design will surely draw attention from all people around.
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